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Welcome to Flight Centre, a leading travel company that specialises in tailor-made holidays, flights and tours with a personalised service. By drawing on the experience of our team of 18,000 Travel Experts from around the world, we’ve been delivering amazing travel experiences for over 40 years. In Ireland, Flight Centre’s knowledgeable consultants and customer service team are on hand seven days a week to provide you with the very best in global travel.


Tailor-made Holidays


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Flights from Ireland

At Flight Centre, we offer a great range of flights covering every destination, every airline and every seat. When you book with us, our Airfare Experts can compare flights for you, offer expert advice and exclusive prices that are only available by contacting us. Find our more about flights.

About Flight Centre

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Passionate About Travel for 40 Years

Welcome to Flight Centre, a passionate travel retailer dedicated to providing you with unique and superior travel experiences. Having launched in Australia in the 1980s, Flight Centre has grown to become one of the world’s largest travel retailers, with 2,500 stores located across 13 countries. In Ireland, we opened our first store in Dublin in August, 2016.

Our success is based on our team of Travel Experts: passionate and experienced travellers who are just as excited about creating your ideal holiday as you are. Whether you’re looking for a simple flight, a beach break or a tailor-made holiday that encompasses the very best of a destination, we’re confident we can find you the travel experience you want for a fantastic value price. Find out more about Flight Centre